Olympic Committee

Perhaps, we do not need this idea yet. We are still hopeful that we can work city, state, and federal governments, and businesses to end homelessness, but the situation with homelessness in California is so awful that we cannot completely rule out the need of this idea yet.

This idea is to call on the Olympic committee to declare a war on poverty by setting up a charity where people can donate, and they will monitor the charity. This charity will operate around the globe, work with local governments and experts to address poverty related issues.

Similar charities such as Red Cross exist, but perhaps not enough funding and transparency.

This may seem outlandish but homelessness is a tough issue. We know that popular YouTubers and media can do a lot. For example, MrBeast raised more than $20,000,000 to plan trees. We want to know what the Olympic committee, and the media can do utilizing the power of advertising. What if the Olympic committee and the media set up a crowdfunding campaign and advertise that campaign during each and every Olympic games, including future Olympic seasons? How much money can they raise for addressing societal issues?

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