The causes of homelessness:

  1. Mental health
  2. The economy (job loss, economic gap / displacement)
  3. Lack of affordable housing
  4. Bad luck (lay-off, accident, divorce, health issues)
  5. Teenagers not listening to their parents
  6. Family violence
  7. Gangs / Mobs
  8. Failure of our prison system
  9. Failure of our economic system
  10. Failure of our education system
  11. Greed (corporate greed, and personal greed, big tech expansion)
  12. Lack of understanding, kindness and compassion (on the part of the people not experiencing homelessness)
  13. NIMBYism: who would want to live in a neighborhood containing at least of an ex-criminal, drug addict, or a sex offender?

Not all homeless people start out using drugs. A large number of homeless people are normal people like you and me. They, for some reason (bad health crisis, bad accident, or losing their job during an economic downturn) find themselves on the street, and unable to get back onto their feet. Have you ever seen a homeless person and thought that person can be me? In today’s economy, many Americans are struggling, living from paycheck to paycheck, and people over 40 have a hard time finding a job after a lay-off. Do you have sufficient money saved up in your bank account? What would happen if you cannot find a job after six months or a year?

Are you sure that you won’t be homeless after a bad divorce, a bad accident, a bad health episode, or a lay-off? Many homeless people turn to drugs to forget the painful unfortunate reality. Worse of all, the shortage of affordable housing is severe such that there are homeless families with young children living on the street or bouncing between shelters.

Please watch the videos on the Research Materials page, read other pages, join our effort to end homelessness, poverty and advance society.

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