By creating businesses with sustainable business plans, we can use the income to create jobs and thus help end homelessness. There is no law that requires a nonprofit to survive just on donations. A nonprofit can have other sources of income.

When I first noticed the homeless issue in America, I knew that homeless shelters, and government programs existed, but are limited. I didn’t have the time to do a lot of research, but my mind came up with the idea of creating businesses to end homelessness, and farming seemed to be a good type of business to start with, and therefore we incorporated our 501c3 nonprofit with the name HomelessToFarmers, but farming is not the only type of business we will explore.

We support and advocate for building more permanent supportive housing. We believe that housing should be affordable for all. However, homelessness is a tough issue to address. Each idea or solution may have its own challenges or push backs. Therefore, we are pushing all ideas in parallel.

The total cost for the first year is high (see our business plan below), but from the second year onward, if our research is correct, we should have about $4,000,000 to $5,000,000 extra, and we should be able to double our capacity every 4 or 5 years. This creates jobs, and helps end homelessness, perhaps at small scale, but actually, the idea of creating businesses and using those businesses to end homelessness is not new. It had been tried by a few successful nonprofits such as Delancey Street, and Homeboy Industries. We intend to study the success of these nonprofits, replicate it, figure out how to scale it, and inspire more people to do the same for their communities, so the power of businesses may not be small collectively.

Even if we are successful with eliminating homelessness by advocating for permanent supportive housing, we still see benefit of pursuing this farming business. This revenue would also allow us to work with local schools to change the education system in such a way that it would reduce crimes, gangs, racial issues and violence in our society.

Our primary challenge is to raise enough money to buy the farm and equipment. The amount is too high that we are not going to raise money to buy the farm and equipment. Instead, we are looking for people who own a ranch for recreational purposes but are not fully using it to its maximum potential, and are willing to let us use it rent-free for a few years to do organic farming. We are willing to work the land to end homelessness, change lives, reduce crimes, gangs, racial issues and violence in our society.  If you have land, or used truck, and are willing to donate to us or let us use it, please contact us ( ).

With the recent riots, we can choose to live with fear and violence, or we can choose to take action.  Will you make our wish come true for the benefits of others and for a better society?

Our mission hinges on us finding available land.  If you do not own a ranch, please like and share this message so that it can reach the right person through your networks.

If your neighborhood is impacted by homelessness, or if you would like to help and be a part of this effort, please complete this Google Form ( ) and we will keep you informed on our effort.

If you would like to see our business plan, please complete this Google Form ( ) and we respond as soon as we can.

Thank you for your help!  Stay safe!

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